Thursday, July 5, 2012

Directing clients - Facebook posts

When you run special offers or have meal deals on your menu, you might want to send your clients straight to those pages from your Facebook posts. This post gives you quick tips how to do it.

1. Write your Facebook message.

2. Go to the particular page on your website ( here it's a special offer page )

3. Double click on the address bar to highlight the URL, move your mouse over it and right-click to choose "copy"

4. Go back to your facebook page and paste the URL below your text.
Now, the page's image with short description appears.

Your post is ready, but... there is something else you can do.

Did you know that as soon as the image uploads you can remove the link if you want?
And even better! You can customise the title and description. Including call to action might get more clicks and as a result more orders. And that's what you want to achieve! So, try to use words that grab attention and encourage your clients to click the link.

1. Move your mouse over the title/description and when it turns yellow click on it to edit. Enter your text there.

2. And there you go. Your post is ready!

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