Wednesday, June 13, 2012

System update - new menu features

Taking into account our customers feedback and their businesses needs we spent last few weeks on developing our menu system. We wanted Ordys to allow more complex menus where clients can customize their orders.

So, what have changed?

All products can have attached variants ( different types of meat or sizes for example ) and/or additions.
Variants creation is straightforward, with additions you first create an addition group - sauces, rices, bases etc. and then you need to list additions within the group. You can as well indicate which additions are already included in your product as a basic product ingredient.

The changes in the admin panel required us to redesign all our website templates, order notifications and shopping basket to make sure that they show new menu details. All is now ready and available to all customers as a standard system upgrade!
You can see how it works and looks in our demo admin panel and demo website. Change there whatever you want and let us know what you think.

And... next great add-on coming soon is meal deal system!

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