Monday, May 14, 2012

At Ordys - Monday news! 14 May 2012

Whoops... it's been definitely longer than two weeks. So here is a quick update:

* New admin panel has been tested and we are working on some changes. At first stage we want to keep it as simple as possible and later make improvements based on your feedback. It's all about what works for you.

* As our fax provider made some changes to their system, we carried out checks on our fax notification mechanisms to make sure that it all works nicely.

* Images grab attention. We created "order online" icons for all our customers. They can be used in promotional activities either online, like on Facebook; or offline, on menu leaflets for example.

* We published a new blog post about Facebook cover image rules with some great examples of food businesses cover images.

* Last Wednesday we got a great news! We have been chosen to present Ordys to a panel of entrepreneurs in a Dragons Den style event called Midas Touch at the Business Startup show! It is going to be really exciting.

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