Monday, April 23, 2012

At Ordys - Monday news! 23 Apr 2012

We decided to start a series of Monday posts to share with you information about our work and system developments, so you know what is happening at Ordys.
For us it is a great way of tracking our processes and I am sure that making this kind of short general summary will help us plan our next steps.

Today is Monday, so here is the very first one!

* Last week we continued work on allowing more complex menu, like pizza menu for example, where clients can choose different bases, sauces, toppings, sizes etc. It involves big amount of work, is the great news, one of the main parts has been completed! We recoded and redesigned admin menu panel. It's now in a review and testing stage.

* We have great plans for our Facebook menu application, but we take it slowly - last week we added an 'Order from our website' button to every menu's category. It will take your clients straight into that particular category of your dishes. Obviously, it only appears on online ordering menus. You can see how it looks now in our facebook demo menu.

* Another customer, another branded website. This time we designed a Fish & Chips website for a new business in Kent, UK! It always brings us a great sense of satisfaction when customer is happy with their new website.

And... that's all for now. We hope to get into the habit of weekly updates. Oh maybe, when we are extremely busy, one every fortnight. Stay tuned!

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