Monday, April 23, 2012

At Ordys - Monday news! 23 Apr 2012

We decided to start a series of Monday posts to share with you information about our work and system developments, so you know what is happening at Ordys.
For us it is a great way of tracking our processes and I am sure that making this kind of short general summary will help us plan our next steps.

Today is Monday, so here is the very first one!

* Last week we continued work on allowing more complex menu, like pizza menu for example, where clients can choose different bases, sauces, toppings, sizes etc. It involves big amount of work, is the great news, one of the main parts has been completed! We recoded and redesigned admin menu panel. It's now in a review and testing stage.

* We have great plans for our Facebook menu application, but we take it slowly - last week we added an 'Order from our website' button to every menu's category. It will take your clients straight into that particular category of your dishes. Obviously, it only appears on online ordering menus. You can see how it looks now in our facebook demo menu.

* Another customer, another branded website. This time we designed a Fish & Chips website for a new business in Kent, UK! It always brings us a great sense of satisfaction when customer is happy with their new website.

And... that's all for now. We hope to get into the habit of weekly updates. Oh maybe, when we are extremely busy, one every fortnight. Stay tuned!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Help your restaurant's SEO - meta description tag.

Don't be put off by the term, it only sounds complicated and technical but in fact we all know and have seen meta description tags a hundred times. It's this short note which displays in Google search results under page title. All search engines use it to help the searcher determine the content of the website. You know your business best, so you are the most suitable person to create one for your own website as it should capture the essence of your business! Ordys allows you to do that in your management console, in the SEO tab.

It's important to make the meta description tag interesting for readers to ensure them that your page is what they are looking for and make them click on your website's link. Write a short summary of your page ( up to 160 characters ), full of keywords which the searcher might put in the search box when looking for a place like yours. I would advise you to include your post code, town, and of course description of your lovely dishes!

And that's how our meta description tag looks like

As we are an online business and our location is not a vital information for our customers, we did not include it in this short presentation of our business. The lenght is just about 160 characters to make sure that the searcher gets finished and informative description. To make it easier to read and draw reader's attention to it we started important words with capital letters.

If you are unsure what to include and how to write your meta description tag, it might be a good idea to spare 5 minutes and check other businesses or your competitors' tags for reference.

And what happens if you don't create one?
Google will fill this space with randomly chosen text from your website. It might be not the ideal sentence, missing useful information about your business. And that would be a shame, especially when the description sentence is completely taken out of the content and does not sell or promote your business to your potential client. So, why to leave it to an automatic choice of search engines if you can create one with a very little effort?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Marketing emails. How to write them?

Get clients' list.
Of course, firstly, you have to have the audience to send your message to.  You grow its number with every client ordering food online as they need to register to place an order on your website. During the registration they can decide whether they would like to receive marketing information from you.
Your clients' list will expand over time.

Get permission.
We all hate spam, so be serious about it! Do not send emails to people who do not want to be contacted. Every time you send emails remember to download most recent list of customers who agreed to it. How to do it? Log in to Ordys management console and go to 'Clients list' section. You will find indication of customer's level of agreement on the downloaded list. The most important thing here is to refrain from emailing people who's just unsubscribed, so remember to get a new list every time you are about to send your message.

Use it, don't abuse it!
There is nothing more annoying than have your inbox overflown with marketing messages. Don't make your customer feel nagged, make them feel appreciated. Contact them now and again, let's say once a fortnight. It will be better to write to them less often than they expect. If you start bombarding them with emails, more likely you loose a client. And that's not what you want to achieve. Your emails need to be send on the right time. Remember, do it well before dinning time to give your clients quick answer to the question “hmm... what do I fancy today?”

The title matters.
It is needless to say that the subject line should capture your reader's attention.
Make it interesting, short and clear. It must be all about the reason you send the email in the first place. Always make it clear who you are, as it is important to be recognized instantly. If you fail to do so, your email will be treated as spam.
Also, consider adding some symbols, like a star symbol ★ for example ( you can copy it from here and paste it in your email subject line ). Emails with small graphic symbols in titles definitely attract attention in the inbox clutter. And that means higher email opening rate.

Include your website link.
Don't forget to include your website address and Facebook link if your shop have a Facebook page

Be consistent, use a template.
Remember to use consistent fonts size and colour in all your marketing emails. Simply, make your customer get used to your email layout. Create a template and whenever you need to send a new email, use that template as the basis.

Include opt out instructions.
It’s actually mandatory by law that every email you send has an unsubscribe link in it. It will take the recipient directly to a page where they can log in to their account and then remove their name from your mailing list.

Just add a short note:
To edit your details/unsubscribe click here
( link the 'click here' part of the sentence to your website's login/register section, as I linked it here to our demo shop's )

Test it.
Before you send it to your recipients send it to yourself or your friend. Check how it looks when received. Do you like the message? Does it look good? Is it interesting?