Thursday, March 22, 2012

Let's make it fun - food design.

This blog post is inspired by yesterday's first episode of 'The Apprentice 2012' and winning group reward - art inspired reception.

Food, for some is just a trivial thing and daily necessity; for others passion and a lifelong love affair.
We all got used to the way we have our meals packed, made and served on the plate. So very rarely we are surprised by its looks, unless we eat in a posh place where making it look good and serving in a sophisticated way is a part of the deal.
Thomas Keller said "Food should be fun", so why not to experience it with all our senses and by having fun, bond even more with fellow diners? Served in a non standard way, or even requiring us to eat it in socially unacceptable way like licking plates or using hands, food can give a very refreshing feeling, child's dream come true for some of us :) Forget about savoir-vivre, just enjoy it!

Food design might be a great marketing idea for sandwich shops, cafes, or catering food businesses.
It doesn't need to be on a great scale or first class art. It will involve some time to practise the preparation tricks, but I am sure that the effort you put in it will repay by bringing smile on your clients' faces and making their meals really enjoyable. And that, surely, will make people talking about your place!
Not even to mention grateful parents for encouraging their children to eat disliked meals or vegs. Which kid could resist a sandwich or salad served like that?

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