Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Promote your website. Part 1 - offline.

Put your website name everywhere.
On all your business cards, leaflets, flyers, delivery vehicles. Hang a sign and use stickers on your shop's window. Do you know the food online catalogues' signs? Do the same. Those are placed at eye level, and thanks to that are more visible to walking by people than a banner with your business name above the shop's entrance. And you know how many people pass your place every day on their way to work or home! Sooner or later they will remember your website address not even realising!

In a magazine, local free newspaper, yellow pages etc
Use of the traditional ways of advertisement does not have to be expensive! Overall you don't need to go nationwide. Your clients live locally, so take that into account when advertising whether offline or online!

Get involved.
As we said, you should aim to be recognized in your local community - they are your clients. Sponsor an event, local kids' football team, offer a local gym discounts for their clients and staff for placing your leaflets at their premisses, join local charity to raise money for a good cause or someone in need. Ask the charity to write about your involvement in their newsletter or on their website. Make sure your website address is well visible on any piece of communication.

Over the phone and at the counter.
When clients make orders remind them about your website and let them know that they can order online. Encourage them to visit you online to check your up-to-date menu and register to receive offers.
Don't forget to include your website URL on your voicemail.

Word of mouth.
You might think that this way of marketing has gone down in history with the new technology and social media, but it's still a very powerful marketing tool. So talk about your business at workshops, events / charities you are involved in whenever you can.

Write articles / press releases.
About business news, recipes, ways of cooking or announce forthcoming events you are a part of. Always include your website address in a signature!

Take your leaflets to local markets or festival days. Use the old way - leaflet dropping! Hand out your flyers at the station when people are coming back home or hire someone to hold a promotion sign during the rush hours. Place your flyers in a busy locations such as business centres, social clubs etc

Promotional items / give-aways
Think about getting own branded boxes, bags with your name especially if your clients are office workers - your business name/ website's URL will be visible to their work fellows.

The cork boards.
If you come across any, just stick your leaflets there. No harm. You never know... maybe eyes of some hungry customers will lay on it!

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