Thursday, November 10, 2011

How it all started

It's been going for a year now from the time when the idea was born to polishing its all aspects and giving it last finishing touches. It's been a bumpy ride sometimes, but a great learning experience at the same time. So how did it begin?
Every day when collecting post and going through leaflets we were amazed how few takeaway businesses had their own website. Their business was mostly based on the old school - call us to order. We could not believe it. In the time of Google and Facebook?
After a quick research it was obvious that from food businesses mostly restaurants were online, but still we could not agree with the idea of downloadable menu. Why would you ask your customers to download it instead of making it possible to view it in the browser?
We concluded that online platform would greatly help small and medium food businesses to get online. We decided to take it further and act on that idea. Our plan was to create an easy and user-friendly e-commerce system.
Yes, of course. Takeaways are usually small, family businesses. No one wants to spend thousands on a website and marketing. We kept that in mind when developing our concept.
Wanting our service to be affordable and self manageable we went for DIY approach. Create your website yourself, don't relay on anyone to do trivial changes for you, update your menu or latest special deals.
We knew that takeaways sing up for online catalogues, but were sure that own website would give them additional opportunities and reduce cost of sale.
And now, after months of codding, we want to introduce you to Ordys, a website builder totally dedicated to food businesses. Our shopping cart was designed with care and consideration for specifics of your business.
Check it out.