Sunday, May 25, 2014

Web writing. Links - how to use them

Copy writing for the Internet requires thinking about the text structure and taking into account the fact that majority of readers usually skim the page. And when that happens, links next to paragraphs, are definitely one of main elements drawing attention. We use them to share important information or send our readers to a source of additional details, so they are a crucial part of any online publication or website.

Here we go, do's and don'ts:
1. Try to avoid phrases like: '...see the link below...', '...the link is here...', ' here...' - it is not the best way to describe a link, the reader doesn't know why he should click and what is behind that link, he is not sure where you want to send him. Instead of using such terms, make the displayed text a hyperlink text.

2. Don't paste long URLs with strange numbers in your body text, it will make your text look cluttered and messy. Make them part of the copy. Again, use hyperlinks. The same applies to list of additional links below your text, if you want to add more sources for reference.
For example, instead of using not that even long link:Check out our demo website at to see how your own website could look like.putCheck out our demo website to see how your own website could look like.Both links lead to the same web page, but the latter looks better and is easier for eyes to read. 

3. The shorter, the better. Hyperlink's description should be as short as possible, but long enough to identify its content.

4. The text is easier to follow when links are placed at the end of the sentence or paragraph - it keeps the natural flow, you read all given information and then follow the link to find out more.

5. If you can, make sure that the link opens in a new tab - it will be easier for the reader to come back to your site.

6. Don't go over the top and use a reasonable number of links in your text, if not:
- you may lose your reader - when gone to other pages he might lose his way back; or- just a number of underlined, blue elements in a text ( that's how usually links are presented ) will put him off reading it.

7. Make sure you send your reader to a verified, secure and valuable source.

8. Check your links from time to time to make sure that they work; dead links give bad impression about your business. Website visitor might even doubt if you are still in business.
Incorporated in a long text, links, shouldn't disturb readers in the reading process or understanding it.

So, here are some quick tips how to use and organize links in your copy. In particular, I am thinking about your website's 'About us' page. You can include there links to online articles, youtube videos or your place's reviews. These tips might help you as well when writing a press release or your business' profile for a business catalogue.

Monday, November 5, 2012

New promotion type - second half price

Straight after developing 2for1 offer we started work on another promotion type - second half price where the cheapest one costs 50%.
Both promotions are live and available now. You can check them out on our demo admin and demo shop.

More upgrades on the way. Stay tuned!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Scheduling promotions / menu items

Until now one of Ordys' features allowed you to set up your dishes or whole categories for a particular day/days of the week and hours of the day. It's a useful tool for all businesses which have "Lunchtime menu" or "Breakfast specials" positions on their menus.
In general, it was designed for any additional menu items which are not available all day.

Now you can do the same with your promotions!
The system will automatically activate and apply scheduled offers to all orders during chosen times - for example 10% off on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5pm-7pm.
Using that feature you can encourage your customers to order from you during your quiet days/times.
If you leave "All day" section ticked when entering your promotion it will appear on your menu all the time during chosen days.

How to set it up?
Look for the "Timed" section ( circled on the image below ) on the product / promotion creation page. Tick it to get the screen where you can choose days and hours.

Friday, October 12, 2012

New promotion type - 2for1

Few days ago we introduced a new type of special offer - Two For One. It is very popular promotion, especially among pizza places.
You simply attach category to the promotion in Ordys management console. When client chooses 2 (or more) products from that category, shopping basket will deduct the cheapest one from order amount.

Please let us know what you think about this addition and contact us if you have ideas for new tools.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Your website's landing page

Nowadays we all expect to get information FAST, especially when it comes to online searches.
And we get frustrated quickly when the website's design is not friendly enough and it's difficult to find what we are after. Usually, annoyed we simply go somewhere else to get better experience and be served faster. That's a reality, and as a website owner you need to remember that usability is the most important factor!
I am sure that you came across websites with an entry page, where you are asked to click on a logo or other graphics to get to the main page, or websites with music played in the background and PDF menu. Those practices are definitely not user friendly. Website visitor needs to make unnecessary clicks to find information. What is more, PDFs take time to download and end up taking space in customer downloads folder. That's not what we would call a great online experience!

In Ordys we believe that your menu is the key info for your customers. We provide simple websites where your menu panel is placed on every page and is easy to find. And you can even send your customers straight there when they enter your site - in Ordys admin panel choose 'Menu' page to be shown as first (landing page).

And there is even more!
You might want to send visitors to the most profitable category on your menu. For some of our clients Meal Deals are the most popular positions, so for them it is desirable to send clients straight to that section.

And how to do it?
Choose menu as a landing page for your website and make sure that the particular category is first on your menu list.

1. In Ordys admin panel, website layout section, decide if you want your clients to see your 'Menu' or 'About us' page as a first page when they enter your website.

2. In admin panel, Menu section, change order of your categories/dishes. Simply, just click on the arrow sign to move them up.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Help your restaurant's SEO - About us

Some of Ordys' customers already know that I often emphasise the importance of writing About us page, so here it is again.
I decided to dedicate a post to it :)
Quite often About us page is disregarded and not given much thought. Sadly, many food businesses write there about themselves in a way that is not interesting for a client. All you put on that page should be visitor-focused. So give information that matters to your clients, write from their perspective.
Of course, it's about finding a balance, do let your clients know what your business is about; what drives you and why you do what you do. It's nice to show that there is a real human with big passion for his/her work behind that business.

You can include the following:
- short story about your business, background info
- what you specialise in; your best, most popular dishes
- how you cook, what ingredients you use
- are you happy to organize parties? cater for groups?
- what is different about your business, why your potential clients should dine with you
- let them know that they can order online
- share your business news/events
- write about your involvement in local community
- encourage them to register and link with you on your social pages for special offers and business updates
- include links to other online presence pages like your YouTube channel for example
- let them know what others think about you - put a link to a site with your place's reviews

Why is it worth to write an appealing About us page?

First of all. People buy from people.
Your mission, passion and values will speak for itself and make your customers like your place. Write your business story not history. Keep it short and genuine. When done properly your customers will connect with you and remember you.

And there is another reason, a technical one.
Every website is indexed by Google and other search engines.
When Google comes to your page, it scans all info given and on that basis directs searches to it. Basically, you need to tell Google who you are and what you do. It sounds easy but here is the important part: when writing your About us page you need to remember to include your keywords.
You are probably asking now - how do I know what my keywords are?
Keywords are search terms used by those who are conducting the search. That means that your keywords are phrases which your potential clients put into a search engine's search box when looking for a place like yours. For example, for an indian restaurant they might be: 'curry in city/postcode', 'order tikka masala online in city/postcode', 'delivery', 'indian takeaway in city/postcode', 'home delivery'.

Use headings - Google recognizes that text included in them is important so values it more, that's why it is good to put some keywords there as well.

Don't overdo it.

Your copy, most importantly, must be easy to read. Think that Google likes what your customers do; don't make it complicated and stuffed with keywords in every line. It won't be interesting and it will be difficult for the reader to follow.
What I can advise you is to write your copy first. Then, when it is almost ready, go slowly through it and think which words of your text can be swapped for a keyword, how to change it to include a keyword term. Anyway, that's how I do it and I hope it will work for you too.